Konica Minolta Ultrasound

  • Ultra-Dependable! Includes a Five Year Warranty!  
  • Premium Portable Ultrasound System
  • Superior Image Quality!
  • Simple to Use! Touchscreen or Programmable Manual Controls
  • Simple to Use Needle Visualization!  Works on curved and linear probes!
  • Cloud Based Information Back-up!

Portable Ultrasound System

Simple Needle Visualization
Unlike conventional beam-steering technology, SONIMAGE HS1 Portable Ultrasound
Unit incorporates an algorithm that utilizes two techniques—Doppler to pick up the movement
of the needle and tissue, as well as beam steering to angle the ultrasound beams so they strike
the needle at a more perpendicular angle—to improve needle visualization, this is especially
important with steep angle approaches. The result is, depiction of the needle tip that eliminates
the need to position the ultrasound beams perpendicular to the needle, which is not
always attainable. The resulting needle visualization helps enable precise placement,
whether you are using the curved or linear array, for deep or shallow procedures.

Revolutionary Transducer Technology

The SONIMAGE HS1’s high sensitivity and broadband linear and curved probe
features several advancements in transducer technology, such as a
multi-level matching layer, optimized component materials, and
nanofabrication technology.

The "Holy Grail", Resolution and Penetration!

SONIMAGE HS1 uses a five-level wave
control algorithm to generate three separate harmonic signals that cover the
entire receive spectrum of the system. As a result, SONIMAGE HS1
overcomes many common trade-offs between resolution and penetration,
providing the right balance for optimum, best-in-class image quality.

Unmatched Image Quality

SONIMAGE HS1 brings you the performance of a high-end ultrasound
system in a compact design. With our unique technology you can expect
the highest form of image quality in this hand carried unit. Advanced
digital signal processing further elevates the high resolution imaging for
exceptional detail.
With SONIMAGE HS1’s best-in-class image quality, clinicians can
visualize structures as small as several hundred microns, making it ideal
for detailed tissue visualization and differentiation that increases clinical
confidence and productivity.

Simple to Use
By incorporating smart technology with an intuitive touchscreen,
SONIMAGE HS1 simplifies fast image capture. Program
quick keys for those used most often and optimize images
with a one button touch for an efficient workflow that enhances
patient comfort and management. An ergonomic design
makes it easy to maneuver around the most difficult patients
and environments. The sleek, compact and practical
SONIMAGE HS1 offers the flexibility needed for high clinical
confidence and economic value anywhere and at any time.

Efficient Connectivity
Workflow needs to be efficient and seamless, especially
at the point-of-care. That’s why SONIMAGE HS1 works
effortlessly within existing networks to share imaging data.
Boost clinical efficiency with one-click access and data
distribution by connecting SONIMAGE HS1 with Konica
Minolta’s ImagePilot workstation and Informity, the most
complete and automated cloud-based backup solution.
Informity automatically creates a redundant copy of images,
patient data, and system settings of your ImagePilot
workstation and securely stores it off site. This helps fulfill
HIPAA security and privacy requirements.

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