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Konica Minolta enters the ultrasound market with two revolutionary products. The Sonimage HS1 Portable  Ultrasound System and the J5 Tablet Portable Ultrasound.

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Put our 30 years of experience in ultrasound to work for you. Please allow us to assist you. We can help find the best system for your practice.

The number one reason ultrasound systems become obsolete and require upgrading, is to get better resolution. The next biggest reason is to add features. Spending a little more up front for the best resolution and features you may need, not only ensures your investment stays current longer, but can also cut exam time, shorten learning curves and open up the ability to perform more procedures and exams.

Konica Minolta purchased Panasonic's Imaging Division in 2014. Panasonic was producing high-end systems, transducers and components for most of the top ultrasound companies. This technical "know how" was put to work in producing the highest resolution portable ultrasound system available. The Sonimage HS1.

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Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas’s ultrasound products provide the accessibility and clinical confidence you need to make informed decisions at the point-of-care. Our ultrasound imaging solutions build economic value with a low total cost of ownership, improved workflow and reimbursable procedures. Enhance patient satisfaction with immediacy of information, image clarity that they can appreciate and reduced patient wait times with Konica Minolta’s handheld and portable ultrasound.

Welcome to the Konica Minolta Portable Ultrasound System and Handheld Ultrasound System products.

 Konica Minolta enters the ultrasound market with unrivaled experience. With the purchase of Panasonic's Imaging Division, we draw on their experience developing transducers and ultrasound systems for many major manufacturers.